Parks, NOT parking lots

Why Care About the Promised Park at Bathurst Quay, Waterfront Toronto?

Bathurst Quay was gifted to the CIty of Toronto to be used as a park
How long have we waited? days, and counting
It's time to claim it as parkland now.

Bathurst Quay, Toronto

Bathurst Quay is approximately 1.5 ha along the waterfront, and is the Southern Terminus of Bathurst Street. It was once the site of the World War II Training Base used by the Norwegian Air Force and the home of Canada Malting Silos at 5 Eireann Quay, now a heritage building. You'll also find the beautiful Ireland Park and learn about the poignant story of Irish immigrants in Toronto. Community is vibrant here with The Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre, City School, and the always-busy basketball courts beside the bike path. Bathurst Quay is also a major gateway for visitors to Toronto.

Though gifted to the City of Toronto 30 years ago – to be used as a park – it is currently leased to Ports Toronto to support the Billy Bishop Airport for taxi and parking operations. The site is zoned "G" in Zoning by-laws, and designated "Parks" in the Official Plan. Sadly, it is neglected.

The People's Plan is to reclaim the land for all people in Toronto to use as intended, parkland, not parking. It is time to fund this park.

Imagine it, as it was intended...

Imagine...What the Parks Not Condos Community Stands for

Sadly, here's what we have now... it is time to fund this park.

July 2017: What the park looks like now

Present day, this is Bathurst Quay, summer of 2017.

Parks not Parking Lots

10 Year Budget is Happening Now

On Tuesday, Jan. 10th, during the evening session, PARKSnotCondos has been granted the opportunity to address the budget committee so that we can bring attention and urgency to the Bathurst Quay  park. It was gifted by Harbourfront 30 years ago for that purpose, and it’s time to make it happen. Many people, including our own Councillor Joe Cressy, have called this area a wasteland, and it’s really too bad, especially when…

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Action Plan. The time is NOW!

Our Parks are NOT for Sale, NO Mixed-Use

Hey Neighbours, and ALL TORONTONIANS, it’s time to take action. With all the excitement of a proposed Rail Deck over the train tracks, it may be that the Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Plan got derailed, or, it is happening in the background without drawing attention to the flaws in the plan, and could be passed, as is, without our awareness. That’s the danger right now and we can’t let that happen. If…

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We care, Parks in TORONTO for generations to come.

Important Meeting

Park or Parking on Bathurst Quay.

ACT NOW. There’s an important meeting on Saturday, Nov. 25th from 2-4pm at the Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre (627 Queen’s Quay W)   Some notices are calling it the “FINAL MEETING” for the Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Plan. This is a Community Meeting, with officials from City Hall are presenting new plans for Bathurst Quay. It’s been a journey. We won the first battle, and finally got buildings and hotels taken…

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To Fund or Not to Fund: Rail Deck Park vs Bathurst Quay Park

Rail Deck Park: The City of Toronto has an online page for the new Rail Deck Park with photos and it is very easy to understand. Bathurst Quay Park: The City of Toronto has just released (June 8/17) a new 41 page “Interim Report” on the progress of Bathurst Quay Park.  “The City Planning Division recommends that: (Item #2) “City Council request the Director, Community Planning, Toronto and East York District…

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Bathurst Quay is no Cinderella Story, not even on the radar?

In 2011 the population of Toronto was 50,000 residents. That escalated to 250,000 by 2016 and is expected to double in the next 15-20 years. In a series of blog posts about “Dense City“, Urban Toronto identifies many of the infrastructure weaknesses and the city’s inability to keep pace with densification. “It is mainly the job of the City to ensure the coordination of development, but the recent surge in…

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Official Plan Amendments Are “Recommended”. Why?

City of Toronto Official Plan for Bathurst Quay, Toronto

In our continued promise to keep residents up-to-date on what’s happening and the history of Bathurst Quay, we are publishing the diagrams (below) of the Official Plan and the Central Waterfront Secondary Plan, the plan clearly shows that Bathurst Quay is intended to be all park. The following document as part of the new plan shows it labelled differently. These documents where part of the June 8/17 report from Gregg…

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Who is Parks Not Condos?

PARKSnotCondos is an inclusive, nonpolitical, not-for profit community that welcomes all people who openly learn, share, and communicate up-to-date information to promote building the park & pool at Bathurst Quay & Eireann Quay, Toronto.

By 2017, over 650 people have joined together, rallying to support reclaiming this greenspace along Toronto's beautiful waterfront.


Parks Not Condos is dedicated to getting the word out to all people, if there's something you would like to know, please contact us, so that we post it here for all to see.